Kangaroo essential amino acids are much greater than grains.

The previous article on this site showed how ESSENTIAL and non essential...

28th May
Amino acid kangaroo grain summary table

Kangaroo meat Protein amount (amino acids) DOG TREATS compared to beef, chicken, pork, salmon, buffalo

There are very few articles that provide the amino acid (protein) profile...

24th May
kangaroo essential amino acids table

Why your dog needs Kangaroo Protein for nutritional health

In this article I am providing you with information about the protein...

21st May
kangaroo kidney

Kangaroo meat (dog treats) Protein value is in its digestibility & bioavailability

For a long time I have been struggling to come to terms...

21st May
grey kangaroo 5

Kangaroo dog treats are Hypoallergenic & very healthy for many good reasons

Kangaroo meat and kangaroo dog treats have long been considered Hypoallergenic and...

10th May
dog eating kangaroo jerky