dog eating kangaroo jerkyKangarootreats.com  is an Australian company that specializes in Premium Kangaroo dog treats. Raw Kangaroo meat for a dogs main diet is too expensive for many people, so using dehydrated roo meat as a food supplement for your dog (by our natural kangaroo dog treats) is an obvious better option!

We created this company because we know that kangaroo meat is one of the best meats in the world, and our dogs love it. However you will notice there is very little detailed nutrition information or options for our overseas friends to buy this great dog treat.

This site is not about glossy substance-less claims, its about how to make your dog happier and healthier by supplementing their diet with healthy kangaroo dog treats, from Australia.

While our major roo treat inquiries have come from America (USA), Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and India, we are happy to work with any customer in getting them the world’s best treats into their hands and their dogs mouths!

PLEASE note.  When you contact us, the main restriction placed on where we send treats to is the IMPORT RESTRICTIONS of the buyers country. If you can confirm that Kangaroo dried meat treats can be sent to you, in your country … then most of the battle is won. We sell the best treats, and abide by each countries laws, ours and yours !

The reason kangaroo meat (and kangaroo dog treats) have been classed as a super food is many fold. The articles section on this site will give you substantial information, but briefly these are the key factors:

  • HIGH in protein – one of the highest and best amino acid profiles you will find
  • Low in fat – and the fats are the ‘good fats’ required by your dogs and cats
  • Hypoallergenic – as most dogs have not been given kangaroo before.
  • ALL Natural – the kangaroos are culled under licenses given by the Australian Government. Until culling the kangaroos graze on clean grasslands typically pesticide and herbicide free.

Until we are able to provide more detailed shipping information for you on this site, we recommend that you contact and buy from NATURAL KANGAROO DOG TREATS right now.


We are growing at a fast rate but welcome contact from any companies that would be interested in joining with us to bring these brilliant kangaroo dog teats to the world. Please contact us if you want any more information.

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